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          Valentine's Day

          Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones This Valentine's Day for a Great Price

          Score $40 off selections from Florists.com for just $18.

          PETA Wants Punxsutawney Phil Replaced With AI Groundhog

          The animal rights organization says that the animal should be replaced by an animatronic and an artifically intelligent weather-predicting algorithm because 'watching a nocturnal rodent being pulled from a fake hole isn't even worthy of a text message.'

          The 12 Tax Days of Christmas: Day 12

          Charitable taxpayers are rewarded with powerful incentives, but there are lots of options and rules to keep in mind.

          The 12 Tax Days of Christmas: Day 11

          FSAs may be more common for bigger businesses, but the savings don't have to be small.

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          The 12 Tax Days of Christmas: Day 9

          If you'd rather be taxed on your retirement savings now than later, considering converting to a Roth IRA.

          The 12 Tax Days of Christmas: Day 8

          Pre-paying expenses this year and pushing income into next year can save thousands.

          The 12 Tax Days of Christmas: Day 5

          By teaching your children about small business, you can save money and pass on a legacy.

          The 12 Tax Days of Christmas: Day 4

          Putting your spouse on payroll can be a wonderful strategy, or a nightmare that could cost you thousands.

          How to Give Employees What They Want for the Holidays

          Showing authentic appreciation this time of year could also boost your bottom line.

          Infuse Your Business With Kindness This Holiday Season

          A more compassionate workplace can translate to a better bottom line.

          How Entrepreneurs Can Develop Healthier Holiday Work Habits

          Don't let email and other work tasks eat up the time you should be spending with family.
          Holiday Shopping

          The Perfect Holiday Gifts For the Man, or Men, in Your Life

          These gifts are sure to score big points with the men on your list.

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