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          Success Strategies

          #4 Tips to Craft Strategic Success Plans in a Challenging 2020

          Work, perseverance, dedication and planning are some of the requirements needed to work properly in achieving our purposes

          The Pro Sports Pandemic-Leadership Report Card

          We grade four league commissioners on how they've handled, or been too hands-off about, protocols in the age of coronavirus.

          Former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Has Died After Being Hospitalized for Coronavirus

          The former Godfather's Pizza CEO tested positive earlier this month, 11 days after attending President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

          What's Up With Open Yoga Studios in COVID-19 Hotspots?

          Yoga is a practice known for its mindful, do-no-harm teachings. But yoga studios are also businesses, and many in current COVID-19 red zones are still offering in-studio classes. We zero in on the yoga community in Phoenix, Arizona to decipher how various studios are approaching the pandemic, and what the future of the yogi business could look like.

          Ready for an Uplevel? Here Are 4 Steps You Should Take to Finish the Year Strong

          Take it easy on yourself and hold your latest vision as a priority.

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          As Machiavelli Said Don't Waste a Good Crisis!

          This crisis will continue to cause hardship for people, but it will also create opportunities for innovation across many industries, particularly technology and finance

          Opportunities Amid the Chaos: The Story of This Young Entrepreneur

          Devin Wills' key to success has been knowing why, developing daily practices and staying in learning mode

          This Company Gave Away Over $100K During COVID-19 Through Instagram Celebrity Giveaways

          Through HighKey Agency, Lintz brothers have given greater value to making the management of social media a key element to give great power to a brand, adapting them to the digital era

          97% Enterprises Claim COVID-19 Boosted Their Digital Transformation Efforts: Twilio Report

          The report highlighted the pandemic has accelerated companies' digital communications strategy by an average of six years
          News and Trends

          How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Canadian Immigration?

          An update on the status of foreign workers north of the border.

          Will COVID-19 Make Digital Event Management the Next Job Of the New Decade?

          Going digital isn't as simple as setting up a webcam and video feed; you can't expect to run an online event the exact same way you would an offline one

          3 Ways Customer Relationships Will Change Forever In Light Of COVID-19

          Customer-centricity has never been more critical for brands
          News and Trends

          4 Ways to Continue to Get Paid from Home During Quarantine

          The right virtual add-ons and pivots can change your business model forever. 
          News and Trends

          The Economy Can't Recover as Long as Day Cares and Schools Remain Closed

          Lack of childcare could cause a severe dip in the American workforce, with women bearing the brunt of the struggle.

          How Businesses Can Utilize Market Research to Create Reactive, Recession-proof Strategies for Survival

          Upfront planning for a crisis is vital, but it rarely works well unless internal and external factors are taken into account

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