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          Being a Rainmaker During COVID-19

          Refocus your efforts on being a great rainmaker and build your base, not just in customers, but also your talent, your product, marketing and sales, finance, legal and human resources.

          Top 3 Must-Haves in Your Post-Pandemic Playbook

          Getting back on your feet needs to be a well-designed strategy, so here are the essential plays worth incorporating into your winning game.

          3 Ways to Curb Chaos and Pull Off Last-Minute Virtual Events

          To make impromptu gatherings seem like a breeze, follow these tips.

          The Pro Sports Pandemic-Leadership Report Card

          We grade four league commissioners on how they've handled, or been too hands-off about, protocols in the age of coronavirus.

          Former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Has Died After Being Hospitalized for Coronavirus

          The former Godfather's Pizza CEO tested positive earlier this month, 11 days after attending President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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          It's Time For Your Corona Spring Strategy

          15 questions to help shape your strategy for the new normal
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          Republicans Unveil Their $1 Trillion Stimulus Proposal. Here's What's in It

          They want to send out another round of $1,200 stimulus checks, while cutting those $600 weekly unemployment benefits to $200.
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          Moderna's Coronavirus Vaccine Just Started Its Phase 3 Trial. Here's How It Will Work.

          Moderna's coronavirus vaccine candidate entered its next phase of human trials on Monday. The company hopes to have results by Thanksgiving.
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          How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Canadian Immigration?

          An update on the status of foreign workers north of the border.
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          The Economy Can't Recover as Long as Day Cares and Schools Remain Closed

          Lack of childcare could cause a severe dip in the American workforce, with women bearing the brunt of the struggle.
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          5 Ways the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business During the Pandemic

          More and more companies are being forced to take their business online, but not all have the necessary digital infrastructure in place. If you're hoping to get through this pandemic unscathed, you'll need cloud computing to help.
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          Airbnb CEO: It Took Us 12 Years to Build, and We Lost Almost Everything in 6 Weeks

          Brian Chesky indicates that tourism of the future will focus on domestic travel.

          #7 Ways to Safeguard Staff as They Return to the Workplace

          A recent poll has found that 38 per cent of respondents would not feel comfortable with returning to work. In order to settle concerns, all employers have statutory obligations to provide a safe place of work and general legal duties of care toward anyone who may be accessing or using their place of business

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