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          Peter Voogd

          Peter Voogd

          Leading Authority for Young Entrepreneurs

          About Peter Voogd

          Peter Voogd is the author of the best selling book 6 Months to 6 Figures, as well as the founder of The Game Changers Academy. He's a leading authority on Gen y leadership who has trainedand inspired well over 4,500 entrepreneurs with his true story of going from dead broke to a six figure income within six months. His podcasts, videos, websites and social media reaches more than 200,000 people monthly.

          More From Peter Voogd

          Starting a Business

          The Importance of Setting Expectations When Hiring

          Giving potential employees a realistic sense of their first 30 days will help keep them from quitting.
          Starting a Business

          Side Hustles for These Times

          Leverage your specialized knowledge to earn money and build up your skills.

          Gaining Absolute Clarity: Game Changers Academy 2019 Keynote

          In this clip from the Game Changers Academy 2019 keynote speech, Peter Voogd describes his one-page plan for achieving entrepreneurial focus.

          The Billion-Dollar Time Management Secret

          Don't just maximize your time - leverage it.
          Niche marketing

          Here's How You Can Pick and Master Your Niche

          What makes your company stand out from the competition?

          The One Tip You Need to Reach Your Peak Performance

          There is a difference between brainstorming ideas and delivering on results.
          Content Strategy

          Why Video Is Still the Future and How You Can Maximize It

          Peter Voogd sits down with a video expert to talk about why businesses can benefit from embracing video.
          Success Mindset

          Use These Simple Exercises to Train Your Brain to Focus on Your Goals

          Start by looking backward at some of your proudest accomplishments.

          Why Sheer Energy Can Be the Most Important Asset for Young Entrepreneurs

          If you are a young entrepreneur, one of your most important assets may be your natural enthusiasm.

          The Secret to Making 6 Figures, No Matter Your Age

          Growing your wealth goes beyond pure experience in today's changing times.

          Don't Forget About the Paperwork -- You Need Proper Documentation to Run a Successful Business

          When you're finally getting your idea off the ground, make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

          How This Professional Skateboarder Built His Passive Income Streams Through Smart Investments

          Mikey Taylor discusses how to make money after you've reached the peak of your athletic career.

          Why the People in Your Social Circle Often Define Your Net Worth

          If you aspire to be smarter and wealthier, consider surrounding yourself with smarter and wealthier people.

          Why Building Confidence Goes Hand-in-Hand With Building Wealth

          If you believe in your choices and actions, your route to success will be smoother.

          Money Might Not Bring You Happiness, But It Can Bring You Freedom

          To change your earning potential, change your thinking.

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