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          James McKinney

          James McKinney

          Creator & Host, The Startup Story

          About James McKinney

          James McKinney is the Founder & Host of The Startup Story, a multi-channel brand platform that brings the lessons of highly successful founders directly to the everyday founder. Whether it is through The Startup Story podcast or via the Startup Story LIVE event series, entrepreneurs everywhere can receive tactical and practical guidance from founders who are a few steps ahead.

          More From James McKinney

          Social Media

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          Starting a Business

          How to Kickstart Your Capital Funding

          Learn the tactics and strategies from a serial Kickstarter who has raised millions.

          Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy

          The pandemic forced Amazon to stop shipping "non-essential" products with its usual two-day commitment, and that change impacted many brands that rely solely on the Amazon platform.

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          Why a Subscription Revenue Model Might Be the Answer for Your Business

          It's more important than ever to diversify our monetization strategies.
          Running a Business

          How to Stabilize & Fortify Your Business in a COVID Economy

          Following the Footprints of Successful Business Owners to Successfully Bounce Back in Business During and Post Disaster

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