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          Frances Dodds

          Features Director at Entrepreneur.com

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          News and Trends

          Republicans Unveil Their $1 Trillion Stimulus Proposal. Here's What's in It

          They want to send out another round of $1,200 stimulus checks, while cutting those $600 weekly unemployment benefits to $200.
          Health and Fitness Businesses

          What's Up With Open Yoga Studios in COVID-19 Hotspots?

          Yoga is a practice known for its mindful, do-no-harm teachings. But yoga studios are also businesses, and many in current COVID-19 red zones are still offering in-studio classes. We zero in on the yoga community in Phoenix, Arizona to decipher how various studios are approaching the pandemic, and what the future of the yogi business could look like.
          Keeping Connected

          What Our Socially Distanced Workspaces Might Look Like

          The architecture firm Gensler created an app to help businesses repurpose their spaces.

          Has There Been $1 Billion in PPP Fraud?

          A recent watchdog report found "significant risk" for fraud in the PPP. We spoke to a risk-management expert who identified the scope of the problem, and how to zero in on the seasoned fraudsters.
          Generation Z

          Gen Z Considers This Benefit More Important Than Salary

          The greatest minds of this generation are social-justice oriented, STEM-savvy and financially conscious. And they really want good healthcare.

          Still Need PPP? This SBA Tool Will Match You With Lenders In 2 Days

          The Lender Match tool is part of the SBA's efforts to fund minority, rural and other underserved small businesses owners before the PPP ends on June 30.
          Food Businesses

          9 Bloody Brilliant Ways Businesses Are Navigating Meat Prices

          Everyone from hot-dog distributors to French restaurants are finding innovative solutions.
          Black entrepreneurs

          6 Ways You Can Support Black Businesses Long-Term

          Want to see lasting diversity and equality in your entrepreneurial community? Here are some ways to put your time, money, leadership and know-how to work on evening the playing field for minority-owned businesses.

          To Understand the Riots, Consider the 'Valuation' of Black Lives

          The CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity contextualizes the unrest in stark financial terms.
          social justice

          These Entrepreneurs Were Affected by Riots, But "See the Forest Instead of Focusing on the Trees"

          Like many small business owners in communities of color, these entrepreneurs in Tampa are more concerned about forward progress than raging against rioters.
          Workplace Diversity

          How Should You Be Talking With Employees About Racism?

          Diversity and inclusion experts weigh in. One throughline: It's better to grapple with the issue openly than say nothing because you're afraid of getting it wrong.
          Black entrepreneurs

          Here's How Business Leaders Are Responding to the George Floyd Protests

          Many are using their platforms to express solidarity with the black community and promising to do their part in reaching meaningful reform.

          The SBA Gives $6.8 Billion in PPP to Business Owners of Color

          The Small Business Administration is giving additional PPP funds to Community Financial Development Institutions, which lend to small businesses in underserved communities.
          News and Trends

          Hot Dog Sales Are Red-Hot. These Weiner Businesses are Giving Back.

          This Memorial Day, two Brooklyn companies are hoping that backyard BBQs can help heal.
          News and Trends

          News Organizations Sue SBA for Refusing to Reveal Which Companies Received PPP

          It has reportedly been ignoring Freedom of Information Act requests from the 'New York Times' and others.

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