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          This Company Gave Away Over $100K During COVID-19 Through Instagram Celebrity Giveaways

          Through HighKey Agency, Lintz brothers have given greater value to making the management of social media a key element to give great power to a brand, adapting them to the digital era
          This Company Gave Away Over $100K During COVID-19 Through Instagram Celebrity Giveaways
          Image credit: Lintz brothers
          Lintz brothers
          Chairman of Leyes Enterprises, Founder and CEO of Leyes Media and Team Leyes
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          Digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others) are becoming increasingly important in our daily routine. In fact, they have gone from being a kind of space to generate friendly links to becoming a powerful platform for product or service sales. Nowadays, the presence of a brand online becomes indispensable, and it is what can define the success of a company or individual.

          Although this is no longer a secret, there are people who have given greater value to this fact, making the management of social media a key element to give great power to a brand, adapting them to the digital era in which we live. The Lintz brothers are a perfect example of this.

          Their vision as entrepreneurs from a very young age has led Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz to create an empire of different companies, for more than three years. However, their ambitions will not stop until these companies become the largest in the world.

          From HighKey Co wireless earbuds to launching massive giveaways

          The struggle to achieve their goals and grow in them is an aspect that accompanies the Lintz brothers. Jordan, Luke and Jackson, are recognized for their perseverance in creating the best products and services.

          Their projects began in August 2016 when they developed their first business called HighKey Co. (or HighKey Technology Inc.), a company dedicated to the commercialization of consumer electronics, whose marketing was handled entirely on social media. It was precisely this approach that prompted the creation of his next company, HighKey Agency.

          The skill of the brothers Jordan and Luke in managing social media marketing earned them millions of followers and exponential growth in this area. Leading them to create an agency to provide other brands with the tools that had worked for them to position themselves in the digital environment. In Luke's words: “The transition for us to start a personal brand agency was because people wanted what we had created for ourselves.”

          Creating an elite presence on social media is the objective that the young founders pursue with HighKey Agency, which is why, since its inception they have contemplated a complete strategy that provides their customers with precisely this element. Professional work, which includes a wide range of press, content creation, video and graphic design, and complete social media management. 

          These aspects have led them to become one of the most required services. They have an extensive list of elite clients, including @rickycarruth, @stefanaarnio and @claytonmorris. Based simply on providing these with the same system that they have managed in each of their platforms and that today continues to provide wonderful results.      

          However, the innovations do not stop and aware of this, have expanded the possibilities to provide their customers with a greater presence on social media. This is where HighKey Clout comes from, a social media growth company, specifically focused on Instagram giveaways with celebrity influencers.

          Giveaways on social media have become a trend, and the Lintz brothers use this strategy as a business opportunity that allows their clients to get thousands of followers through special prizes for those people who participate (iPhones, cash, and of course HighKey Wireless Earbuds).

          So far, they have managed to work with great entertainment figures such as Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Lil Yatchy, Rick Ross, Trippie Redd, Rich the Kid, Bhad Bhabie, obtaining excellent levels of receptivity. All this growth allows the company's clients to have the possibility of reaching a large number of followers with this service and be associated with each of these celebrity influencers at a fraction of the cost.

          In fact, one of their clients and now HighKey Clout business partner, Adam Quinn, has grown to a staggering 775,000 followers on Instagram over the past year. 

          Scaling and expanding horizons

          To think that the achievements of the Lintz brothers have reached the top is limiting. Their growth does not stop, and that is why they have continued to create and join other projects. Beluga Poker, Lyrical and Clarityy News, are part of the companies of Jordan and Luke's empire.

          Currently, HighKey Clout is estimated to hit 8 figures in their first year of business. This growth is due to the drive and dedication that the Lintz brothers' vision and the previous connections and relationships they have established.

          Facing adversities has been one of the aspects that have characterized the fluidity of the HighKey empire. Their effort, work and commitment to bring the best service and product to their wide list of followers and clients, has led them to continue their work even in the midst of the recent health crisis caused by the COVID-19.

          Even in the midst of critical times, HighKey Clout is continuing to run bi-weekly giveaways of at least $10K cash to their followers on Instagram and looking at ways to do even more regular giveaways in the near future.

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